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Understand the rich historical context and deep theological content of the
Reformed Confessions of Faith

April 26 - 27, 2024 | Chilliwack, BC

Host church: Free Grace Baptist Church
Venue: Free Reformed Church, 
45471 Yale Rd

No Cost for Attendance


Improve our understanding of the historical context and theological content of the Westminster, Savoy, Second London, and Belgic Confessions of Faith, which we believe to be an accurate summary statement of the chief doctrines of the Christian religion.


  • An understanding of the historical context and theological content of the Confession.

  • Increased understanding of the theology of the Bible for all matters of faith and practice.

  • Unity and fellowship among the churches of Christ.


2024 Topic:  Chapter 1 "Of the Holy Scriptures"

Our keynote speakers for 2024 are Drs. Renihan and Barcellos. 


Session #1

Dr. James Renihan will provide a helpful overview of the Second London Confession of 1677/89. The lecture will provide the historical context in which our theological forefathers produced this lasting, and most orthodox statement of the Christian faith. 


Session #2

Dr. Richard Barcellos will provide a helpful treatment on the words “the scope of the whole” which are found in chapter 1, paragraph 5 of the Confession. He will conduct a survey of relevant historical theology to demonstrate that older divines understood this to be a reference to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Session #3

Dr. James Renihan will demonstrate that confessions of faith are not additions to the authority of the Holy Scripture but are, in fact, articulations of the teaching of the Holy Scripture. Throughout its ages, the church has always sought to provide helpful summaries of the Christian faith to assist the people of God in their understanding of Scripture.


Session #4

Dr. James Renihan will show that the Second London Confession of Faith of 1677/89 does not exist in a vacuum but is the contribution of our Baptist forefathers to the stream of creedal and confessional theology throughout the entirety of the church.


Sessions #5 - 6

Chapter 1, paragraph 9 of our Confession deals with the subject of the interpretation of Holy Scripture. Our forebears utilized principles of interpretation that predated them and the Reformers. 

Conference Details

In-Person, with Dinner


Choose this if you plan to join for the whole conference INCLUDING the Friday night fellowship dinner

In-Person, no Dinner


Join some or all of the sessions on the Friday or Saturday, EXCLUDING the Friday night fellowship dinner.

Live stream only


Unable to attend in person? With this ticket, we'll send you the livestream link in advance. You can still submit questions for the closing Panel Q&A session, and can watch the recordings later.

Travel Information

Church Family Housing

Limited housing is available with members of Free Grace Baptist Church. This housing is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Area Hotels

There are various hotels that are 10 minutes or less from the church. 

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